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Anna Dao - Xero Hi-Tech Young Achiever

Anna Dao - Xero Hi-Tech Young Achiever

Congratulations to our very own CEO Anna Dao for being nominated as a Xero Young Achiever finalist for the NZ Hi-Tech Awards!

Determined, tenacious, and committed, Anna has helped Apolinar to not only survive the last year, but prosper in a climate of highly difficult circumstances. She brings big picture thinking to Apolinar, and to its clients. Hugely experienced and adept at digital strategy, business and product innovation, client service, client coaching and strategic partnership, Anna is gifted at bringing out the best in the people around her.

Anna is intimately involved with the growth of technology and digital as industries in New Zealand. She has a vision for her generation and the country more widely, that she is working hard to achieve. Honoured to join the other talented finalists, we couldn't be more proud that Anna is being recognised for her contribution to the tech industry.

"Anna brings smarts, know-how, practical solutions, drive and accountability to the table. An outstanding leader that cuts through the BS, brings your team on board and delivers real digital transformation."
Bruce Pilbrow, CEO at Spirit of Adventure Trust
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