Impact Stories

Yarra Valley Water

Using Co-Design to unblock service delivery

Yarra Valley Water is a large Australian water company that was experiencing severe issues in service delivery. The use of discrete systems for fault reporting, contractor management, and customer communications was causing major limitations in responsiveness, service costs, and customer satisfaction.

Yarra Valley Water possessed considerable insight and technical ability, but solution definition was hamstrung by organisational silos. Apolinar was engaged to redesign the process for reporting and managing faults.

Apolinar's Contribution

Working closely with the client, in just three weeks we:

  • Consulted with customers, contractors and internal stakeholders to establish a rich understanding of the problem & business context.
  • Conducted a 5-day Co-Design sprint to create a new end-to-end fault reporting and management process.
  • Created an interactive prototype of an online fault reporting and monitoring tool.
  • Tested the prototype with internal and external stakeholders, to validate the design and ensure buy-in across the organisation.
  • Refined the prototype to reflect learnings from user testing.
  • Advised the client team through to next stage of delivery.

The Results

  • The problem was quickly redefined and clarified.
  • This allowed for progress to be made towards the solution.
  • Stakeholders across the organisation had a clear view of what "done" looked like, helping the project gain momentum internally.
Yarra Valley Water