Digital Decision Making, at Speed

Helping you gain clarity and insight into problems, and getting everyone on the same page. Fast.

Our approach to Digital Decision Making

Apolinar offers a one-day, remote workshop applying co-design principles to help create organisational unity and singularity of purpose. Experience shows us the best results are achieved when:

  • Stakeholders are aligned in support of a clearly defined strategy

  • Decision making is supported by data-led insights

  • Delivery is fast, lean, and agile

  • Innovation and delivery are owned internally

Apolinar will

  1. Review and analyse all available strategic inputs and research from within your organisation.

  2. Conduct individual interviews with senior stakeholders prior to the workshop.

  3. Prepare the workshop agenda.

  4. Facilitate and guide the event.

  5. Document and present back the decisions and actions agreed.





Why it matters

Having key stakeholders aligned around a clearly defined strategy gives your organisation its greatest chance of successful digital execution.

What you get

  • Stakeholders aligned around a shared vision.

  • A diffusing of internal debate and argument.

  • Your best chance for peace to break out, allowing strategy execution to gain momentum.




“We loved working with Apolinar. The end result speaks for itself”

Philip McCraken | Project Lead, NZMA





While we create bespoke workshop agendas unique to the organisation’s challenges, we’re happy to talk you through the process of what you can expect from a typical workshop.

We understand that it's not easy to get everyone in the same room due to conflicting schedules. However, to get maximum effectiveness as we facilitate, run design thinking exercises, and apply co-design principles; we require the workshop to run for a minimum of 4 hours.