Impact Stories

Open Country Dairy

Arming David to take on Goliath

Apolinar was engaged by Open Country to help it lure milk suppliers away from much larger processors using service-based differentiation. Our first step was to dispel the client’s assumptions about what dairy farmers really needed, and actually find out using research, workshops, and interviews.

This gave us some real insight into the needs of the industry, and was invaluable in refining the scope and allocating valuable resource. Farmers were involved throughout as participants in Co-Design sprints and user testing.

Apolinar's Contribution

Working closely with the client, in just 18 weeks we:

  • Conducted user research that revealed farmers’ need for real-time production and quality data.
  • Used Co-Design to create a mobile app ideally suited to farmers.
  • Created a new technical architecture, integrating internal ERP and CRM systems with the app.
  • Ensured optimal app performance in the field.
  • Tested with farmers early and often.
  • Embraced changes and implemented them using Lean, Fast, and Agile delivery.
  • Launched a world-class mobile app that demonstrated a superior commitment to farmers.

The Results

  • The mobile app achieved adoption rates far beyond expectations.
  • It has been fundamental to Open Country’s continued supply acquisition and growth.
Open Country Dairy