Organisational Automation

Accelerating a World-Class Automation Culture

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Organisational Automation

Organisational Automation from Apolinar is about aligning software development and operation to accelerate adoption, create efficiency, and improve quality. We can help you automate tasks that currently use valuable resources, and integrate them seamlessly into your operations.

How it Works

Apolinar will:

  • Conduct a research and discovery phase.
  • Survey your software engineering teams and related stakeholders.
  • Co-Design with your team to create the best automation process for your organisation.
  • Present a recommended approach and plan for rollout.
  • Assist with setting up tools and processes.
  • Provide change management support.
  • Conduct a follow-up survey reporting back changes and impacts.

Why It Matters

You'll get:

  • Organisational insight into the latest design thinking.
  • Small and frequent operational iterations and releases.
  • Fast learning, fast recovery.
  • Transparency and collaboration across one development team.
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