Digital Strategy

Two Weeks is All it Takes

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Digital Strategy

Our team draws on over 20 years of experience across a wide range of industries to help sense-check current or planned organisational digital strategy, and provide critical insight. This is a process that frequently needs to be done at real speed. That’s why we deliver your results within two weeks.

How it Works

Apolinar will:

  • Review and analyse all available strategic inputs and research from within your organisation.
  • Conduct individual interviews with senior stakeholders.
  • Talk directly to customers and front-line team members.
  • Review the Human Experience (HX) of your existing customer journeys.
  • Review your competitors.
  • Review your current and planned technology.
  • Review your organisational structure and way of working.
  • Prepare a draft document and communicate with senior stakeholders.
  • Prepare and present our final report.

Why It Matters

You'll get:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your current and planned digital readiness.
  • Specific insights backed by data and real-world examples.
  • Actionable recommendations.
  • A third party perspective often lets peace break out, allowing strategy execution to gain momentum.
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